Can President Obama Survive His Rebuke of Warmongering Israel?

President Barack Obama has never been perceived to be a friend of Israel, although he has never been outcast as an outright enemy either; and of late, the Obama Administration has had frequent confrontations with the Israeli leadership over their push for a war against Iran. The White House and the Pentagon have clearly expressed their reservations about Israeli ambitions to attack Iran and has asked for time to allow for the economic sanctions to have its intended impact and tame the Iranian Government. The Administration has not been happy about Israeli leadership meddling in US Politics and even stated on record that they would not want to be ‘complicit’ in an Israeli attack on Iran, if Israel would wish to attack Iran without the consent of the White House. Given the amount of power and influence pro-Israeli lobby groups possess in every facet of campaigning – from financing to media coverage – it is indeed fascinating that President Obama has taken this firm stance in the lead up to his re-election bid. There are now rumors that the White House and the Pentagon, along with sixteen intelligence agencies of the United States are even preparing for the possibility of a post-Israel Middle East!

Since its establishment in 1948, confrontation on any front with the young nation of Israel and its ambitions has spelled political suicide to politicians running for high offices of the United States. In spite of not having been their preferred candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama’s campaign eventually won over significant backing of Jewish-owned corporations and Jewish financiers of Wall Street, when he became a leading candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

Within the first six months of being sworn in, President Obama met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House and expressed the United States’ desire to have a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that Israel had to freeze further expansion of new settlements into Palestinian territory. Soon thereafter, he gave a speech entitled ‘A New Beginning’ in Cairo, Egypt asserting his desire to re-establish good relations with the Muslim and Arab world after disastrous policies of the George W. Bush Administration had severely damaged the reputation of the United States in the Middle-east. President Obama believed that the United States and the West had many values in common with Islam, such as, love of God and the respect for family, and that a new bond can be fostered based on these values.

Ever since, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have not seen eye-to-eye on many vital issues that concern Israel, and it is clear from several recent developments that Israeli leadership and the powerful Israeli lobby groups in Washington DC are throwing their full support behind the Republican candidate and good friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mitt Romney, to deny President Obama a second term.  

Is the President confident his re-election bid can succeed even if he takes a path of confrontation with Israel? Has he gauged that he would still gain the much-needed support of the Jewish voting block that has gradually distanced them from the state of Israel and their extremist policies?

We will find out on November 6th.

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