About me

Dasun is an emerging writer who closely follows global geo-political events and trends and writes about their psychological and philosophical undertones and implications to molding human behavior. His passion is to bring to the foreground suppressed knowledge and history as well as share his perceptions of the undercurrents of behavior and creativity in both personal and sociological spheres, to create higher awareness and understanding of global citizenship. Expansion of consciousness, he believes, is the key to unearthing immense hidden human potential and the fostering of a new era of peace and prosperity.

He followed his primary and secondary education at Royal College, Colombo, and left for the United States of America in the fall of 1999, as an eighteen-year-old, to pursue his higher education in Computer Science at the Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, Arkansas. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 opened his eyes to an occult dimension of reality and sparked his interest in American and global geo-politics. Nine years later, he returned to Sri Lanka with a higher education that was vastly different from his originally intended path, and that had transformed his perception of global power structures and geo-politics that chart the course of human events.

He enjoys listening to music, analyzing musical compositions, singing, writing poetry and playing keyboards as a hobby and keeps active playing cricket, badminton and table tennis. He currently works at the leading career guidance and placements services centre, Aspirations Education in Nawala as an operations and systems consultant.

The first publication is a stepping-stone to a number of other research works and creative writing which would be made available in the near future


The dons who rocked my world:
Earth is a spiritual battleground. While forces of darkness relentlessly conspire to enslave the soul of man, forces of light courageously challenge them to liberate man from the clutches of oppression.

This epic struggle for the coveted human heart, mind and soul drives the evolution of human awareness of life and liberty. Humanity is now at her greatest threshold of evolution: we are given only two choices - liberty or slavery - but the choice is still ours to make.
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The global village is here to stay, whether we like it or not. We can no longer afford to remain blissfully ignorant of global geo-political dynamics and undercurrents, for the economic and social wellbeing of one part of the world is increasingly, inextricably intertwined with that of another.

Truth is an absolute necessity for our survival that we can no longer expect to be handed out to us on a platter. It is time that we sought it on our own. Dasun brings you insightful perspective to the latest developments around the world to assist you in your quest for the truth.


True spirituality is not about frequent visits to your favorite temple, church, mosque or synagogue; it is about connecting with your inner self and the true nature of reality.

There is great meaning and power in seeking your purpose and realizing that you are not a mere powerless spectator in this world. You are a free co-creator responsible for your destiny. Here he brings you ancient knowledge and modern science that says you have the power to affect your reality.


Beautiful melodies are intoxicating. They can make a connoisseur sit through a mediocre verse ora forgettable drama. Here he guides you through the marvelous power of music to bring words,feelings, and stories to life, in the hands of its great masters.


An image has power, at times, deep meaning,
the people I love, they inspire in me great feeling,
a little play on words amuses when your muse is fleeting,
poetry is the style of my heart and mind meeting