Do Kadam Aur Sahi
Album: Meenaxi A Tale of 3 Cities, Hindi, 2004
Many of us, at some point in our lives, have wondered, what it takes to be a great artist like Michaelangelo, Mozart, Tolstoy or Tagore. Is it a gift with which only a chosen few are endowed? Or is it accessible to any seeker? In Do Kadam Aur Sahi (Take Just Two More Steps), one of his little known marvels from the soundtrack to the 2004 Hindi movie, Meenaxi: A Tale of 3 Cities, A.R. Rahman invites you to explore the gift of artistry that is accessible in higher states of consciousness, bestowing delightful life to the agony and the ecstasy that is part and parcel of this sublime journey.
Uyirum Neeye
Album: Pavithra, Tamil, 1994
The sacred role of the mother has been glorified in literary works since ancient times. She is upheld as the giver of life, the nurturer of values and the heart of the family: she is the foundation of nations. The Creator knew he could not sustain the flow of life on earth without her when He created the universe. In Uyirum Neeye (My Life), a winner of two Indian National Film Awards, lyricist Vairamuthu and composer A.R. Rahman team up to portray the Mind of the Creator at work, painting his Creation into existence in the backdrop while a gratefully devout son pays a tribute to his beloved mother.
Hotel California
Albums: Hotel California, 1976 & Hell Freezes Over, 1994
How does one write a thrillingly eventful piece of drama in a limited format such as a short popular song? What are the creative tools available to an artist that wishes to accomplish such an ambitious task? Explore how Don Henley, Glen Frey and Don Felder of the Eagles unite their many wonderful literary and musical talents to narrate their powerful autobiographical story of an aspiring artist’s venture into the giant recording industry, seeking to acquire symbols of success, only to find his naive and blindly optimistic self deceived, exploited and enslaved by an industry greedy for profits and control over artists. At its most abstract, conceptual level, Hotel California is a philosophical exposition of the dark underbelly of materialistic societies.
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Deacon Blues
Album: Aja, 1977)
Steely Dan was an enigmatic Jazz/Rock band and the quintessential musical anti-heroes of the 1970s. Its reclusive founders Don Fagen and Walter Becker were unabashedly proud of it, for their dreams were unlike any other, and from the outset, they had the clarity of vision to know they could see those dreams through to fruition; and they most surely did. Deacon Blues elucidates their uphill struggle to defy pressures of conformity in order to enjoy the pleasures of self-realization. Ironically, the liberation from the grip of social conditioning that is celebrated in Deacon Blues, in many strange ways, is the perfect anti-thesis to the imprisonment due to succumbing to social conditioning that is lamented in Hotel California.  
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Nil Nuwan
Album: Akuru Meki Ne, Sinhalese
A lovers’ romance…a nature’s dance. Composer Rohana Weerasinghe dramatizes a beautiful concept by lyricist Amarasena Kankanamge with a simple and lively melody that keeps pace with the words and flows seamlessly from inside to outside of the bedroom, engaging all of nature, as well as inviting you, the listener, to witness the allure of a romantic episode on a fragrant, moonlit night. Nil Nuwan (Blue Eyes), sung by Edward Jayakody, showcases the poetry of lovemaking.
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Album: Tribute, Instrumental, 1997
Man’s greatness is in his love of simplicity, his capacity for compassion, his exercise of imagination and his search for truth. Yanni learnt these lessons early on in his life during many walks he took with his father up the Greek mountains. Tribute is a rich musical tapestry that captures the feelings of a young boy and his father as they walk up the breathtaking landscape of the Greek mountains discussing nature, values and life. With each step the father helps the boy take, he learns to overcome hurdles and challenges of life; with every lesson he learns, he grows intellectually and spiritually. The boy’s ascension to the peak of the mountain symbolizes the greatness that is within the grasp of everyone, with a little help.