Cocky Southwestern Chicken
(November 2005)

Oh the happy cackling days are over
Now it's all cluck, cluck, cluck, and more cluck!
The birds have now got the fever
and they are falling one by one

We should have trimmed those nasty beaks
when we had the chance, twice! Hence,
clipped their wings or made them streak;
no, they still can't fly too far over the fence

Oh those cocky southwestern chicken
they thought sunny times are forever!
now the heat is turned on
and the cockpit is in session.
Even the flock needs a new order,
so watch them peck, peck, peck.
You can stuff yourselves with cocky fodder,
but we know what you fat ones lack!

So grab a good bottle of free Iraqi oil,
let's go grill'em, grill'em, those southwestern chicken
let's go smoke'em out, let us smell their foil
the flu is not yet rampant, we can still contain.

mmmm...I smell chicken
Some roasted, southwestern chicken!

People, Watch Your Signs!
(September 2005)

Oh my! yet another whizzing ball of ‘fire’
headed to our Gulf coast
What do we have there? nothing much,
just a few starving poor and our nation’s oilrigs
Yes, the heart that pumps all that black gold
running through our nation’s veins

Look at those chaotic streets and highways
jammed with startled people,
stressed out of their peaceful living.
Sounds so familiar?
Only if you were in a certain deserted Gulf nation
during ‘Shock and Awe!’

My God! He loves us in strange ways
What a shame, we fail to see them
Isn’t it sad we need calamity to reveal the worst in us
and bring out the best?
No people, it’s not the Apocalypse,
It’s karma staring down at us!

Before you etch before the public,
‘thou shall not murder and thou shall not steal’
Make sure you have them etched in your hearts
Just as you cry for the life of an unborn
Cry for the life of the child
playing in the streets of Baghdad

Was there a reason the Red Sox lost for 86 years
to end their ‘curse’ at the strangest time?
Maybe, the Redskins rule stood for over a half-century
not just for our political amusement
My, don’t we all love to watch our games,
but I guess we missed all the signs

If you ever have a choice
will you always choose unity over division?
If you ever have a choice
will you always choose peace over war?
If you ever have a choice
for God’s sake, will you always choose hope over fear?

Jesus, we live in the greatest democracy in the world
Don’t we always, always have a choice?
People, watch your signs!

Archchi on 85
(September 2003)

So distant it seems
That graceful smile is
From these searching eyes,
Yet so heartfelt
Is always the charm
It proudly keeps enshrined
So grateful am I
For waves of blessings
That spring from your golden heart
To traverse mighty oceans
And continents
To keep me safe from evil and harm

As your fingers so gentle
Caress my hair
To brush away all fears
As your voice so vibrant
Chants new prayers
What ill will dare to be near
When words of wisdom
That speaks your mind
Guides me along a path ever so clear
How blissful it feels
To know you are
My Archchi I hold so dear

A Sorrow that Lingers
(December 2005)

I look through the window, it’s another cold winter morning
the skies are so gloomy, and I see no flowers blooming
I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and turn on the TV,
but I see nothing of hope I was hoping to see
and when I sip my coffee, it is as cold as what I see

So I get into a hot shower, ponder the day ahead as it draws near,
but I snap out of it before the hot water runs clear
I jump into my driver’s seat, crank up the engine
and while it warms up, I slip in my favorite CD

Tinkling drops of water, a saccharine female voice,
little splashes of water, and then a Ghattam grooves with spice
I feel a cool shake on my shoulders, and a snappy tap on my fingers
my heart is full of warmth and I am already in motion

Then a moment comes which words cannot describe
a man leaps in joy and I feel its vibe
I too cry my heart out for I long to feel that joy
It sends a thrill up through my spine, and I know very well why

I see a 13-year old boy in shorts and shirt on a new day to start
He’s got a spring is his step, and a cassette in his hand
No, he had a Rose in his hands, and it had bloomed in his heart
He puts it in play and says, ‘dad, that’s A.R.Rahman!’

I wake up to the calling of a soothing voice, he says
‘Zindagi haath mila, saath chal saath me aa, umra bar saath rahi he..
Do kadam aur sahi, do kadam aur sahi,
do kadam aur sahi, do kadam aur sahi…’

And I am in motion again as I hear them beckon,
those crashing Timpani and those majestic Horns,
to a golden land where there’s friendship and light
and to the peppy conga beat, I forget life’s plights 
and take two more steps with renewed delight

I never knew a sorrow that lingers
could bring this much happiness
until I heard the beauty of your wonder
and felt the depth of your greatness

Maname, Bar Me!
(January 2006)

My last baby, she was a pretty, petite thing
Oh, I'd say, we were well into the second week of our fling
Squeezed me one day into doing that bar thing
Man, I like nice restaurants, but I LOVED the SQUEEZY feeling!

She jumped into my arms and gave one helluva long kiss
and then she said 'honey, I LOVE you, you are THE BEST!'
I don't know about you, but coming from that petite miss
It always felt good to hear I was a cut above the rest.
She clung so tight to my arm as if she'd ended her quest
As we walked out, the last thing on my mind was I was in for a test!

There we were at her favorite bar, man, this place was SMOKIN'!
I looked for a quiet corner; she picked center seating
We started sweet-talking, before too long we were screaming
I thought, 'this is great, a friggin, smokin' ROMANTIC evening!'

Soon I was just staring at everybody else, but her
As she did her rounds with the crowd, she WAS miss POPULAIRE
I felt like the white rabbit she just pulled out of her jar
Man, after like the ninth fake smile, I could no longer stare
I whispered into her ear, 'hun, can we talk somewhere?'
she had no moment to spare, so I said, 'hun, can WE, talk somewhere?'

She turned around, her eyes red with rage, she was quite visibly stung,
but before I could talk, behind me there was this good-looking hunk
he put his index to my chest, NO CLUE from where this dude had sprung,
he must have had a six-pack in his ab, cause for sure he was DRUNK!

In his husky voice, he said, 'why don't you leave her alone?'
As I brushed his arm aside, I said, 'hey buddy, what do you want?'
He said, 'leave the girl ALONE and why don't YOU, be gone?'
I asked, 'man, what right have YOU to tell ME what I can do or can't?
Tell me, are you her father or brother, or do you even have her phone?
My friend, let's talk some other time, cause right now you are STONED!'

By now we were center stage, I'm PRETTY sure we had the crowd sold out
Don't know what she was thinking about, but it SURE wasn't walking out
The crowd was loud, the hunk was drunk, this dude was ready to take me out!
I thought, 'man, if I'm gonna fight, I better know what we're fighting about!'

So I said, 'before we fight like animals, let us first THINK like human beings.
you agree we are human though right now, you may be too drunk to think,
cause I'll tell you bro, I am no animal and will not fight without meaning.
So tell me, what EXACTLY, are we fighting about if you still can think?'
'You friggin loser, I ain't drunk, you are just afraid of a good beating!'
'you can give me a GRAND beating, IF it is worth, for what we are fighting'

At this point, the hunk looked lost and the crowd seemed fluffed,
and my petite miss, to me it was as clear as a whistle, she felt so snuffed
'So you claim you are sober, and therefore can think, is that agreed?
If you just can't word your thoughts, please, allow me to proceed'

'Since you picked this fight, you must think I have something you have not?
cause it'd be unwise of you to risk a beating for something you won't get.
So, it can't be one I have not got and it can't be one anybody else has got.
If your act is for this crowd, you better join some ring; I fight for no one's bet!
You did not know me before now, so you can only want what I have on this spot
I don't have much here, but tell me if I get it right, at what you're aiming your shot.'

'So, are you fighting for your own pride or are you fighting for mine?
If it is yours, I don't have it and I don't want it, without it I will be fine
If it is mine, you can't have it and I can't give it, it's a God-given right of mine
Even if he's dying, you know, you can never take a man's pride if he had a spine!'

'My next best guess for what I think you wanna possess, is the girl right here,
I don't own her, really, nobody is her owner, she came with me on her own accord.
True, this evening she told me that she loved me, before we headed out for a beer,
but I own neither her word nor her integrity, she should know of her own record
If you do so badly want her, all you have to do, my friend, is just ask her clear
Good luck, but if she doesn't, just move on! I don't need her and I’m outta here!'

They all stared with stupefied faces, they must have never seen that act
could not think if I was the loser or the hero, but I strode through the mist
As I walked out with a smile on my lip and my precious head intact
I thought, 'boy, that was good ol' Maname, with a DAMN new twist!

The Stereotype's Antidote
(November 2005)

Watch out, my son, for that lanky Lankan lad
With that cherry in his hand, he can be so bad
Tall, dark, and handsome, you know he's got style
when you think that was all, he can kill with his smile

Never ever cross'm if he's got overs left
For the chances are high, he will ignore no rift
He will come at you hard, but with his head so cool
And he will waste no time at all to show you who rules

Meet him on the streets, you'd think he's high on crack
Well, he's high alright, but because he reads in stacks
And if you join him on the floor, you better know to groove
'Cause when that jockey spins, you'll see the smoothest moves
Mix in with a party be sure you're around him
For when he belts out hits, no room will look so dim
but if you just want a friend to ask 'What should I do?'
Then, he will lay down the truth of what it means to be you.

A tattooed Marley and his pierced ears
Bling-blings hang with all that braided hair
For stereotypes he doesn't have any fear
'cause he knows his mind, oh yes, he does with flair

Teaching in colleges and in Sunday Schools
Smokers and addicts, he sure would call them fools
Ov'r the years he taught me a few things cool
There's no such thing, bro, as a stereotypic rule!

Peace, ma brotha..........and one love

Nendi on 50
(July 2005)

Gosh! I was woken up that day by a kitchen symphony  
I saw a busy mother in her prime
Four kids crying 'feed me,' two of them are fighting,
and her husband just can't find his files 
Take it easy, (I wanted to say) take it easy
Don't let the sound of your pots and pans drive you crazy
Spice it up! He's a chicken curry fan
Don't even try to feed him canned
then you can find those files for your man
Take it easy

Then she went driving down the road, alone, but never bored
a million things on her mind
Groceries to hoard, more laundry to load
Oh Jesus! She just missed that sign!
Take it easy, (I wanted to say) take it easy,
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
Turn it up! It’s your favorite band
Forget all taxes, bills, and plans
You’ll get them done, but not in a van
Take it easy

So, now fifty years have gone, but you’re still going strong
Amazing how you’ve held it all
It couldn’t have been easy, it would’ve driven me crazy
But you’ve still got a laugh on call
You took it easy, (guess, in your own way) you took it easy
I don’t know how, ‘cause we never saw you take it easy (lol)
But who cares, we need you more
To let that laughter and energy flow
So let’s raise for three hearty cheers
to a very cool lady!

(Inspired by the song ‘Take It Easy’ by The Eagles)