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Earth is a spiritual battleground. While forces of darkness relentlessly conspire to enslave the soul of man, forces of light courageously challenge them to liberate man from the clutches of oppression. This epic struggle for the coveted human heart, mind and soul drives the evolution of human awareness of life and liberty.

In today’s complex world, overwhelmed with a myriad of choices and alternative viewpoints, how does any man come to know the truth about reality? Should he follow the dictates of popular culture and mainstream opinion without investigation and verification? Or should he follow the directions of his own insights in deciphering the truth for himself? Under the patronage of global financial oligarchs, modern day scientists and social engineers have crafted sophisticated mechanisms with the intention of violating man’s natural instincts, in order to subvert society for their gain; under their patronage, popular media fronts have weaved a web of deception to mislead the public into acceding to these oligarchs’ self-interested designs.

Fortunately, brave pioneering journalists and thinkers are raising awareness globally to a conspiracy of monstrous proportions to enslave all of mankind under a tyrannical centralized global government. While a growing stream of men, worldwide, are following them and realizing the true state of reality, and are liberating themselves from mass hypnosis cast by social engineering, pressures of conformity, fears of alienation and cognitive dissonance have imprisoned the natural desires of many others to express and share what they truly feel.

The book chronicles how the author’s love of music and his musical heroes take him on a fascinating journey of discovery, where he follows his own insights and inspirations to decipher the truth while questioning the dictates of popular culture and mainstream opinion. The author believes humanity is now at her greatest threshold of evolution: we are given only two choices -liberty or slavery - but the choice is still ours to make.

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